Thursday, July 9, 2015

Round and Round It Goes

Sometimes - at the end of the day - I sit back and think, did all of that really happen in just one day?

The day started out early with some training and conference calls, so a pretty normal day.

And then during one of my conference calls our door bell rings. I wish that I could play the sound of the doorbell for you. The doorbell is at least 30 years old. So when it rings it plays a little tune, twice. And that tune lasts for about 20 seconds. So by the time the doorbell is finished ringing you feel like someone is standing at the front door constantly ringing your door bell for a full minute - straight. The best part is one of the chimes is broken, so that note is missed in the tune, that is playing for 45 seconds and it sounds like the door bell or one of its close relatives is dying.

So I am on one of my conference calls and I hear the dying doorbell and then I hear Brad try to open the front door. Which, if you don't open it just right, it will not open and you feel like you've broken the door. Then I hear Brad call through the front door to the person on the other side of the door to just hang tight until he can get the door open.

After I get off the call, I go downstairs to find out who was at the front door. Keep in mind we don't keep in mind that we don't get a lot of visitors at the house. I find Brad sitting on the couch not looking very happy. So I say:

Heather: Who was at the door?
Brad: The neighbor lady who lives behind us.
Heather: What did she want?
Brad: To tell us that one of the pipes on the roof is busted and we had a major water fall coming off the roof.

HOUSE: 596,287 - Brad & Heather 0

So Brad and I head up to the roof so he can see if he can fix it: (Notice how he is the only one who is actually on the roof. I am just keeping watch.)

Remember this little mishap?

Yep, well we had a close call with two fingers today right after Brad got down off the roof. Thankfully it just pulled at the beds of the nails and broke off the ends but didn't entirely rip off the nails (yes there was more than one nail involved in my attempt to close the sliding glass door).

HOUSE: 596,289 - Brad & Heather 0

At this point it is best just to leave the premises to give the house a chance to calm down before it decides to do something it will regret. I went and got my nails fixed. Not my thumb nail, mind you, because that doesn't really exist right now to be fixed. And by the way, having a thumb wrapped up in Band Aids is really putting a damper on my texting.

After returning from my recess from the house, I finish up my work day. And then pack to head out for my trip to visit Ms. Barbara Lynn MacNeil for her celebration weekend. 

Check out the view from my flight. It was just amazing. Amazing enough to make me forget about the losing battle we are fighting with this house.

It was a great flight. I got a lot of work done, the middle seat was open, I had an amazing view, and I listened to some of my favorite music. 

Once we land, I text Brad and tell him we made it and that it was an uneventful flight.

Then I go to baggage claim...

See how that conveyor belt is going around with no bags on it?

Yep, it kept doing that...

for 45 MINUTES!!!!

And as Barbara said while she was circling LAX for an hour waiting for my bag and me

"Only you Heather"

Luckily we were able to finish up the day at with some yummy food at "King's Fish House".

How appropriate...

I love you Barbara Lynn MacNeil. Here's to a fabulous weekend full of celebrating all of your accomplishments over the past 20 years!!