Sunday, September 21, 2014

Las Vegas - September 2014

Last week Brad had a convention he was attending in Las Vegas and he talked me into meeting him in Vegas for the week. When I say talked me into - the conversation went a little like this:

Brad: "I have a convention I want to go to in Vegas. Do you want to meet me there?

Me: "Ok"

We got into town late Sunday night and before I knew it I was back on a plane headed back to Denver.

Monday we went the Hoover Dam and we took the Dam Tour. Why is it so much fun to make all the dam jokes? On the Dam Tour you get to go all the way down into the tunnels. It is a pretty cool tour.

Here are some pictures from that tour...

Standing in front of one of the tunnels that we walked through. Can you tell that Brad's head is taller than the top of the rounded part of the tunnel? Yeah - he didn't fit....

Standing on my tip toes - my head still didn't
reach the top of the tunnel.

Standing straight up Brad had to tilt his head.... 

This is in front of one of the grates that you see in the middle of the dam. It was pretty cool and hot - all at the same time

This is a grate we had to walk over to get to the end of the tunnel. Can you tell how far down that tunnel goes? You can't see the bottom.

These pictures are of an extremely long and steep staircase. When you think all of this was built in 5 years - it blows my mind.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Hoover Dam - you should pay the extra to take the entire tour - it is worth it - and that dam is amazing!

Just a little shot after we took the tour.

Even when we are baking in 100+ weather  this man makes me smile!

Once we finished the tour we raced back to Las Vegas to pick up our tickets for the Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love show - which was AMAZING!!

Here we are sneaking a selfie before the show - there were a lot of warnings about not using your camera so I didn't want to get us kicked out before the show even started. ;-)

Monday was a busy day and Tuesday we went back to work - Brad to his convention and me doing my usual. 

Neither Brad or I had been to the Las Vegas Temple so we thought we would try to take a night and head over there. It's a beautiful temple. And it was an amazing night - my favorite night of the trip. We should have gotten a picture outside of the temple but my mind was on other things...

The rest of the trip went by in a blur. Have you ever noticed it takes you twice as long to get anything done in Vegas? Wednesday night (after a tremendous amount of back and forth) Brad and I saw Jersey Boys. It was a great Broadway show. Very different than the Cirque show that we saw - but the music and vocals were really good.

He tells me that he loves my beautiful smile.

I tell him that smile is there because of him.

The next day was work, one last buffet (and I wonder why I gained 5 pounds and all of my clothes are tight) and then off to the airport.

I used to never be a fan of Vegas but it is definitely starting to grow on me.


Barb said...

Your blog comments and photos make me smile. Your enthusiasm and happiness exudes through your words and photos. I am so happy for you and Brad. Thank you for sharing your Las Vegas adventure.

kimmalee said...

Awesome pictures and trip recap. I'm so glad you have a blog! Another way I can stay in touch and up to date on my heather!

Melvin and Carly said...

Great pictures! You had a beautiful smile long before Brad showed up, but I'm glad he helps keep it on your face. :)

Dianne said...

I don't know how you and Brad got so lucky to find each other, but I'm glad you did. Looks like you had a great time!