Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference Traditions

I love General Conference weekends. It is truly a time to reflect and be uplifted. I also love some of the traditions our family has during General Conference - more specifically homemade donuts! Yummm!

For the April Conference the guys "spring" for dinner. This year was Cameron's first time to attend the priesthood session so he got to choose where they went for dinner. He chose Salt City Burger. Later Geoff, in talking about going to dinner before the session, he said: "It's probably not the smartest thing to do, fill everyone up with heavy, greasy food then have them sit in a hard chair for 2 hours in the dark and ask them to stay awake and pay attention!"

While the guys are filling up on food and counsel from the priesthood leaders, the ladies get to hang out with all the kids and brand new babies, have our own dinner and get the homemade donuts ready!

Here are some pictures from the night. What made it even more fun was the 2 brand new babies, Jordan and Olive, we had with us.

Don't those look delicious? Why do all my favorite traditions revolve around food?

Beckam and Spencer rolled and cut out the donuts under Hannah's supervision. It was so much fun to watch them. Carly and Sarah got some really good pics and video of it.

The boys showing off their muscles after they finished.

Is that not the cutest face? He loves to help in the kitchen.

Aunt Emalee holding baby Jordan.

After the session - shot of the family hanging out

In the kitchen getting the donuts ready - Hannah loves to put the frosting on them and Cameron is anxiously waiting for the green light to have one.

I thought this was a really cute picture of Cory and Spencer.

All the guys (Cory, Kendall, Joel, Tyler, Andrew, Geoff and Cameron in the back. Dave, Doug and Dad in the front). A pretty impressive sight.

Bingham and Tate Families

3 Generations

Father and Son (sorry Geoff that was the only picture I had)

Cameron with his mom and dad.

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