Saturday, December 17, 2011

Point Reyes California

I had intended to post about Point Reyes a little bit quicker but it was only 3 weeks ago and for me that is pretty good!

The day after Thanksgiving we got up and went shopping. There are no pictures from that but it was fun to spend the day with the girls. Maggie was really excited to go. She and I made lists of what stores we wanted to go to and tried to approach it strategically. We were going to the outlets that are right by Allison and Chris' house. They didn't have all that great of sales except for a few stores. At my last store is when I experienced true Black Friday craziness and rudeness. The jury is still out on whether or not I will venture out next year....

The next day, Saturday, we went to Point Reyes. It's on the pacific coast just north of San Francisco. It was beautiful. It took us about 2 hours to get there and we thought it would be cold and windy, as most places are on the Pacific Northwest coastline, and it had been cold and foggy in Vacaville. It was the most beautiful day. I was so glad we got to go.

Here are some pictures....

Ashlee and Paige walked out to the end of the outlook

The view from the lookout point at the parking lot. Can you see the mist coming up from the waves?

Paige running up the hill - love the look on her face.

This is the view looking back from our walk. Can you see the cows? These are the happy California cows. They had ranches all the way out to the coastline.

A cyprus tree on the side of the trail. They grow sideways due to the winds coming up off the ocean.

The girls climbed up in the tree and posed for pictures for us.

Me, Maggie and Mom

There is a lighthouse that we walked out to..

You actually had to walk down over 300 steps (equivalent to climbing 30 stories). This is the lighthouse that we walked down to. A shot from the stairs on the way
Here's a shot of some the stairway we climbed down and up.

Chris, Paige and Maggie

Dad and Mom

They had some resting spots placed strategically on the side of the stairs. Allison and I were taking a rest.

After we hiked the lighthouse, we went to a seal beach. I'm not sure what you'll be able to see in the pictures but all of the objects that look like brown rocks are actually seals.
There were a ton of seals on the beach.

Having fun in the water

This was a "happy cow" on the side of the road
Afterwards we headed to 'South Beach' to run from the waves. It was a lot of fun, but I honestly think Paige was going to give me a heart attack. The waves were so strong and she kept running towards them. She never quite made it in the water but my blood pressure kept going up!

Maggie loved the waves she was out there right on the edge the whole time.

Allison, Paige and Me


Chris and Ashlee had their own race down the beach

Coming back from the race

Paige had a blast

Making sure

Opa didn't fair so well

Watching the waves

Getting ready to run

I thought this was a pretty picture of her

A couple of shots of how big the waves were

This is not very far from shore

Some of the scenery on the way to the beach
It was a great day and a great finish to the Thanksgiving weekend.

More to come from Hawaii....


MiriamR said...

I love it! That looks so beautiful! I love maggies bangs! shes gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it looks like it was a lovely trip!

Sarah said...

Love it! Gorgeous pictures!!