Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend Daniel and Miriam are in town. Daniel came into help us (Dad) lay down some pavers for our back patios.

Yesterday, I thought, was a great day. Not only was the weather perfect (nice and cool in the mornings and not too hot during the day) but it was great to have so much family around. It was fun to watch the Andrew's and Daniel's kids play in the front yard together.

Daniel, Andrew, Dad and Dave all worked in the backyard. And we got 20 something dozen ears of corn from Aunt Pat's house so we were freezing corn inside.

Beckam was in heaven all day being outside and digging in the dirt.

Alexander and Eva are so excited to be at Grandma's house.
Miriam and Carly catching up with cute little Jamison

Andrew and Daniel putting together a step

The trench Dad dug for the french drain. Can you see the drain pipe down there? It's now covered up with gravel and dirt.

David and Dad working on the drain.
Eva and Grandma inspecting the quality of the step.

Tyler, Douglas, Grandma and Tina working on the corn.

Jamison looking for any extra food within reach.

As great as it was for me, being able to spend all this time with family. The BIG HIGHLIGHT of the day was when our next door neighbor used his tractor to haul the sand up to the top of the driveway from the street.

The boys were mesmerized.

Eva tried it out for a while but the girl in her won out and she came back inside.


I'm not sure if this video will work but it does a good job showing how excited  they would get.


Melvin and Carly said...

Sounds like kid heaven with all the dirt and machines. Nice that you were able to spend time with your family. Miss you!

MiriamR said...

Oh my goodness I love that video! How cute! So glad you got pictures of the job. I hardly took any. Although I didn't really like one of your pictures! Its ok though :)