Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soccer City

Ok since those last pictures turned out OK, I'll try another post.

On our first day we were supposed to take a bike tour of Soweto, however, it was raining so we had to reschedule and we ended up going on a bus tour of Johannesburg. That bus tour took us out to Soccer City which is the stadium where they were going to play the opening and closing games of the World Cup. It's a pretty historical stadium.
Driving up to the stadium

Cool tower in the stadium parking lot

Taking pictures outside when we didn't think we'd be able to get in
And we're in!

Getting as close to the 'pitch' as we could
I wish someone would have told me my hat was crooked

These work the same way as cattle grates - they're to deter the fans from rushing the field and if they do rush the field then these 'fences' will be sure to slow them up

View of the field from the players' tunnel

Squeezing in on of the player's lockers
One of the players' locker rooms

That's the players' tunnel right below me

Yes, there are supposed to be holes in the walls - it's for proper ventilation.
View from the top of the stadium

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Melvin and Carly said...

Great pics! Liked the ones in your other post too. Such a neat place to visit. Aren't you glad you weren't there during soccer mania though? That would have been too crazy.