Wednesday, January 12, 2011

South Africa - Carnivore Restaurant

I decided that I would do a different post for each of the activities that we did in South Africa.

Our first activity, after traveling for almost 36 hours we arrived in JoBurg SA. We arrived in the evening and right in the middle of rush hour traffic. This is a picture of our group (there were about 45 of us) waiting in the middle of the airport for our bus. It was an hour and a half late.

We were originally supposed to go to our hotel first and freshen up. However, the traffic was so bad that we decided to head straight to the restaurant from the airport. We were all a little dazed.

Carnivore is a little like Rodizio's or Tucanos Brazilian grills, except for the addition of African game meats. South Africans love to BBQ much like Brazilians. However the South Africans grill on the rotisserie over coals and the Brazilian rotisserie over an open flame. Either way the meat is really good.

We had your typical meats first: chicken, sausage, etc. And then we moved onto the game meats. We had impala, giraffe, crocodile, hartebeest (which is like wildebeest) and some others I can't remember.

One of the things that I immediately noticed about the people of South Africa is how happy and polite they are. I realize that not everyone would be like that but seriously what a great people. I loved this country and the majority of it was because of how happy everyone is.

Here's the South African version of Cream Soda. I thought it was really good, despite the green color.

Leaving the restaurant, getting excited to shower and to go find a bed.

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I'm really bugged at the quality of the pictures that are coming through. Hopefully the rest of the pictures will be better. I promise on my computer they look a lot clearer than when I post them on blog spot.