Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Tubing

The other night there was a big mid-singles (yes I am now too old for the young single adult program) went on a snow tubing activity up at Soldier Hollow State Park. This is one of those tubing parks where they have a tow rope to tow you up to the top of the hill. That is the only way to tube in my opinion.

I went up with Amy and we had a blast. It was freezing cold but we were layered enough that we stayed warm.

Here are some pics from the night.

Amy and me in front of the snow making machine at the top of the hill. They were making a ton of snow so the runs were a little slow.

Amy on her tube getting pulled up the hill.

Messing around on one of the tows up the hill.

Can you see me? Just chillin on the way up the hill.

Since the runs were so slow we found we had to be very selective about our tubes. The tubes that went the fastest were the ones that were a lot lopsided. If I wanted to see Amy on my way up I ended up sitting in the tube like this. Maybe you can't see, that's ok, it's a little silly.

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