Thursday, January 13, 2011

Freezing Corn

For years my family has had the tradition of going up to Aunt Pat's farm near Logan, UT and getting fresh ears of corn and freezing the corn. Then you have really good frozen corn all year long. Carly (my SIL) swears it's the best corn she has ever eaten. This year I decided to take pictures of the event. If you get enough people helping out it doesn't take very long to freeze a whole truck full of corn.
The Tate Boys in action. What good form they're using.

Ready to go down to the freezer.
The ladies getting the corn detassled and cleaned.

I was in trouble for taking the picture, I think I'll be in more trouble for posting it.

Washing all the fuzzys off.

All ready for the boys to cut away.

Our little helper. We miss you Sebastian.

Putting the corn into freezer bags.

Grandma Tina and Spencer (he was supervising)

Waiting for the air to get sucked out of the bags.
Our resident air sucker. We use really fancy tools at our house. I kept sticking the straw in to deep and kept sucking up kernels of corn. But I am happy to report that none of the corn has freezer burn, all the air was sucked out nice and tight.

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Sarah said...

You made an excellent sucker :)