Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Roommate Rant

One of the reasons that I don't post very often is because I feel like I have a lot of negativity and you know people don't want to hear about negative things. But I just need to get some venting off of my chest. And who knows that's what this blog could turn into. I always have good stories!

I am 32, still single and trying to be a fiscally responsible individual. What that translates to is A LOT OF ROOMMATES! Close to 45 to be exact. That is way too many roommates, individuals, personalities, drama and bathroom sharing for one girl to put up with. I purchased a home a year and a half ago and to help out with the mortgage I have 2 roommates. It's a 1900 square foot, 4-bedroom home, so there should be plenty of room for all of us. I currently spend most of my time at home (which isn't very much) locked up in my room to avoid my roommates.

So here are my questions about roommates:
  • Why do people not understand what the word clean means?
  • Why is it necessary to have a chore chart when everyone in that house is over 30 years old? That's right 30 year olds and chore chart. So moms out there if you've got good ideas for a chore chart let me know.
  • Why do I always attract the really needy people? Just on a side note, I think it's the same reason that I attract weirdo guys, which is probably why I'm still not married. So if anyone can seriously answer that question I will do something extremely nice for you, extremely nice.
  • How does someone not know to clean the dryer vent out when you use the dryer?
  • How does someone not know how to mow a lawn?
  • Why can't people do things on their own instead of waiting for me to do something. Come on people, I am not your mother!
  • How can someone manage to watch TV for 4 hours straight every night and not go insane?
  • Am I an abnormally clean freak?
  • Why when you open the pantry door and don't have any room to put another thing do you either buy more stuff and try to fit it in or not have the capability to clean it out?
  • What is the phobia about emptying a dishwasher?
  • What is the need to fill every single corner of space in the kitchen with crap?
  • Why when you've actually vacuumed up a spill in the carpet, do you leave the vacuum sitting right in the middle of the floor? For how many days? I'm waiting to see how long it will take.
Fact: The majority of these questions have come from events that have happened this week and yes it is only Wednesday.

Now I realize that I am probably a little weary and have probably run out of patience with roommates, but, honestly can you blame me? We're all over the age of 30, and I've had more than 40 of them!

Hmmm, that kind of felt good. Beware you might be getting more ranting from me in the near future. Have a fantastic night!

Fall in the Rockies

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. Alright I guess there is something that I love about each season, summer nights, how quiet and peaceful it is when it snows, the smell and freshness of spring. I love the colors of fall and how it starts to cool off and give some relief from the heat of summer.

Luckily I got the chance to go golfing at Wasatch Mtn golf course in Midway. We (and some of my coworkers) went in September and caught the leaves just perfect. We had a couple deer run across the fairways. It was a great day. Of course I could have golfed better but what else is new. Maybe I should take some lessons. Oh yeah, I know why I don't take lessons, they are expensive!

Here are some pics from the day. I'm not in any of them but you get to see some pretty colors.

This is Jeremy and Chris from my office. If any of you have heard me talk about work, I'm sure you've heard stories about them. Now you can put a face with the stories.

Ok this one is a little blurry. I took it from the golf cart while we were driving. It was a great day.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

They Lost!

I can't believe BYU lost. And not only was it a loss but it was big loss. I could barely sit through the game and I only watched the second half. I got home late from the gym and forgot to record the game before I headed out to a meeting. What a depressing night. I hate that we can never have a perfect season. Not that we need to have a perfect season but it just seems like we always do this to ourselves. We become complacent and wham. I am by no means a football expert and so hope no one will critique my commentary on the BYU football team (not that anyone really reads this blog anyway).

But I just have to say I was really enjoying this season and I am very sad about tonight's game against TCU. And on that note, I'm taking my mom's advice, having a little treat and going to bed.

Good night all!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

BYU Football

It seems that I am so busy these days that I hardly have time to really enjoy anything, that is until BYU Football rolls around. This season is turning out to be a great season. It's nice to see them play well without so many errors plaguing us all of the time. The games are fantastic to go to. I go with a big group of people. More specifically, Jennie, Camille, DJ and Tyler. It's a great tradition that I hope to continue for as long as I'm living in Utah. Really it's kind of ridiculous for a grown woman to get chills when a bunch of boys run out onto the football field and do the Haka, esepcially the Haka. But I guess that's BYU football for me!

Here are some pics from this season. Go Cougs!

Camille, Jennie, DJ and me

Jennie, Camille, and me

Me and Jennie

You can't really tell but the players run around the stadium and give everyone fives. It's fantastic.

Here's some of the group we go with.

Crooked Carpet and Beautiful Stairs

This is looking out the north upstairs bedroom to the south.

This is standing from the dormer window looking back into the bonus room.

These are the stairs and that's Paco up at the top.

Mom and Dad's Kitchen

These are pictures of the kitchen. You can see some of the batten board (sp?) and the cupboards and the counter tops.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ok that's enough pics for now. I'll maybe upload some later. Things are going well and super busy as always. Young Women's is keeping me busy and challenged. Work is really busy. We are in the middle of doing a rebranding that's keeping me on my toes. I'm applying to graduate school for my MBA (because I don't have enough to do). I've been to a couple of information sessions and have almost all of my application done for Westminster. I've got some new pics to upload, not for Mom and Dad's house but stuff that I've been doing.

More Pics

In order the pictures are: Mom and Dad's bedroom as seen from their bathroom, the old chest that Mom had turned into a vanity, the den, the front room and then a view of the kitchen.

Mom and Dad's House

Ok I don't know how to post pictures and work with them on the blog and I am too tired and lazy to try and figure it out tonight. These are pictures of Mom and Dad's house. There will be more.