Friday, July 11, 2008

Staying Busy

I don't know which side of the family I get this from. But I have a hard time doing nothing. I seem to always pack my time full of things to do. Which is why my posts don't happen very often. But it's good, I feel like I really am getting the most out of life and taking advantage of this time in my life where I have disposable time.

I got home from girls camp Friday afternoon and had most everything cleaned up, thanks to so many people helping out, I was able to take Friday afternoon off and relax a little.

The next Saturday morning one of my branch managers had entered the credit union in her chamber's parade. Up and at them bright and early. We took a truck and hung banners all over it, filled the back with water fighting materials and lots of coolers full of water. We had a great time soaking the residents of the city of South Salt Lake!

After that I ran out to my brother's to help him and his family move their stuff into a storage unit, until they're able to move into their newly purchased home. Then I gave my brother and his wife the night off and watched their kids so they could have some down time.

Sunday I taught the Laurels class and then ran out to a 30's to 40's singles BBQ. Here's the amazing part: They were normal people!! Isn't that fantastic?

Monday brought on a whole new work week with catching up on everything I had gotten behind on while I was camping. Monday night my friend Tenille and I went to the new UVUphoria celebration and listened to Josh Gracin, someone else who's name I can't remember and Joe Nichols. I'm now beginning to see why I am so tired.

This is Tenille and me at the Josh Gracin concert.
The next night was the band practice with the videos that I posted below, Wednesday was Young Women's and then Friday I headed out of town to spend the 4th of July weekend with my sister and her family in Denver (that will be another post).

I got back from Denver Monday morning just in time to make it to work and start all over again. I have been somewhere every night this week. So tonight I am enjoying the evening off. I went to the gym, I watered my yard. Sometimes it is nice to sit. I could have gone to Jackson Hole this weekend to run the river, but I will be gone the next two weekends in a row, I kind of thought I should give myself some down time before I have some type of breakdown. My friends and family don't like it when those things happen. :)

Girls Camp from a Leader's Perspective

I recently returned from girls camp as the camp director. I'm really the assistant but the actual director was scheduled to have surgery during the week of camp. She was a huge help getting everything ready, but I was the lucky one to be in charge when we got up there.

I went to girls camp every year I could growing up and the memories I have from those camps contrast starkly from what memories I have from being a leader at camp. I only hope and pray that the girls had a spiritual experience and walked away from camp feeling a little closer to Heavenly Father.

The preparation meetings for girls camp start in February and I'm sure the stake starts getting ready months before that. It is a serious production from picking a theme and creating activities for the girls to go along with the theme, to leadership training for the older girls, to planning overnight hikes, to planning and doing all the food prep for the girls and making sure all the girls have done everything they need to to get ready for camp and don't forget about getting the girls certified. Just so you know, the leaders are exhausted by the time they get to camp and then the fun begins!

This year's camp was more adventurous than I think most are supposed to be, especially for me. I want everyone to keep in mind that I am not a mother. I don't have to take care of or worry about anyone else. I have never been a mother so I don't have any practice with that sort of stuff. Sure I have lots of nieces and nephews, but they all have parents and I haven't done many overnighters with them without their parents around.

So the first night was a little stressful. I think most of my girls were just as exhausted as I was, one had not slept in over 24 hours, another had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before. So at 10:30 imagine my surprise when all the girls were in their tents being quiet, half of them already asleep. I thought this is a good sign. Oh silly, silly girl that I am.

At 4:00 am (mind you that with not being a parent also comes the luxury of enjoying lots of sleep) I hear one of the girls walking towards my tent. I am very wide awake at this point, waiting for them to play a practical joke on me. BTW - I don't do very good with practical jokes, especially when I'm tired. So they zip open and come into the outside little porch thing of our tent. Apparently one of the girls in her tent was having some major pains and wants me. I'm kind of hoping that the YW's president who is in the tent with me and is the mother of two young children would take charge. To make a very long story short after going back and forth about what to do for 45 minutes with the phrase continually being repeated "I'm not a mom, I don't know what to do." I decided to go get the stake nurse. At 5:00 in the morning that is an interesting task considering I had no idea who she was and what ward she was in, and everyone else didn't know much more than me. So after waking up everyone in the stake campsite and two ward campsites, I finally find the stake nurse.

She comes in and promptly diagnoses an appendicitis! Phone calls are made to the parents and our wonderful priesthood holder rushes her down the hospital. It turned out to be a kidney stone, thankfully. But I have to say, I'm not so sure about parenthood. I don't know how you people do it and how you all don't have ulcers by now! :)

The rest of the week went pretty good until we got to the last night. Then I had another girl get the 100 proof deet insect repellent in her eye. After trying to treat it at camp and a persisting stinging feeling, I'm sending another girl down the mountain to the emergency room.

I'm not sure but I think that's a pretty good way to get released from your calling, don't you? What parents are going to send their girls to camp if they all are sent home to the emergency room?

The picture at the top is of the last day. It's a small group. We only started with 10 girls and ended with 8. Thankfully we all made it down the mountain safe and sound and both emergency room girls are doing just fine!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Singing in an Alternative Band?

The more and more of life I experience, I am always amazed at where it takes me.

I love music and I love to sing. I especially love any type of music that's acoustic, as is evidenced by my last post. One of the reasons why I like country is because I can sing along and I can sing along loud. I have been known to make sing a long cd's that I can belt to while driving alone in my car.

About three months ago, this guy, Loftin, who lives in my neighborhood and is in my ward stopped by and asked if I would want to sing in his band. I just laughed. I have never done anything like this before. He said that he had heard me sing in church and new I would do just fine. I just thought that this kid is crazy but if he's asking I might as well. I love music and this would be a great way to stretch myself.

So then I asked him what kind of music they play. He said that at this point they were covering a bunch of bands like: Cranberries, Audioslave, The Cure, Arctic Monkeys and anything else alternative. I of course had never heard of most of these bands let alone knowing any of their songs! Loftin has been great. That same night he left me a book full of lyrics for most of the songs the band is covering. Now I walk around with my little iPod shuffle listening to the music as much as I can.

Learning a song to sing in a band is so much different than just listening to good music and singing along in my car. I now listen to all kinds of music differently. I listen for all the different parts, when each part comes in, the different harmonies and rhythms. Everyone in the band is so talented. I am so grateful for their patience with me while I try to figure everything out. I am constantly amazed at the talent that is in that little room. And I can't figure out if their talent helps or intimidates me. Every time I think about it or tell someone about it, I just laugh.

So Tyler, the drummer, decided it would be fun to record it. I think I sound horrible. I'm still trying to find my right voice for this kind of music. But I thought I would post some clips of the videos we took. Keep in mind I've only practiced with band no more than 6 or 7 times so we still have a lot of work. But I thought if I'm embarassing myself in front of 3 very talented musicians then why not in front of my friends! If you want you can let me know what you think, but I think you should only put nice comments in the comment field (Daniel!).