Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"I Wonder Why?" - A Conversation with a 4-Year Old

Children are my favorite and to me they are so refreshing. I know my perception may be a little different because I don't spend 24 hours a day surrounded by children, but they are definitely precious.

Tonight I was at the church putting together a dessert for Young Women. Yes, bribing the young women to come to church does go against my philosophy but every once in a while it's ok. So back to the story. 4-year old Hyrum comes walking by the kitchen door. I promptly offer him some brownies and says it should be ok and that his dad wouldn't mind him stopping to eat some brownies. So while Hyrum is eating his brownie and eyeing the strawberries on the counter, the conversation goes as follows:

Hyrum: I wonder why it is taking so long for my birthday to come. I don't think it's ever going to come. I've been waiting so long. I wonder why it's not coming.

Heather: Do you know what day your birthday is on?

Hyrum: Yes I do, it's on June 24th.

Heather: Well that's not very long at all. You only have 3 more Sundays and then it will be your birthday. How old will you be?

Hyrum: I will turn 5 because I'm already 4. I wonder why I've been 4 for so long? I wonder if I will ever be 5 because I've been 4 for so long. I wonder why I feel like I've been 4 forever.

Don't you just love little children?

I went to visit my friend Kristel and her two little newborn twins. She had a boy and a girl. Lily and Cooper. They were four or five weeks early and have only been home from the hospital for a couple of weeks. Kristel is a trooper and so is Nate (her husband). The little babies are so cute and so precious. Here's a picture of them and me. Of course you can't see them very well because I didn't want the picture too close to try and hide the dark circles under my eyes. :) Will I ever find a mascara that doesn't fade and sit under my eyes, making me look like a druggie?

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Sooo cute! I'm so glad you updated your blog!!