Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ok I have to admit I'm in love with a Vampire. My new favorite series is the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer, the author, has created the perfect man - Edward Cullen. I had a friend recommend the books to me and I couldn't stop reading them once I picked them up. They are so good. I honestly think my chances of having a normal relationship are ruined because I will be holding every guy I date to the standard of Edward Cullen! I got my cousin Sarah hooked and I think everyone should read it, it's fantastic.


Sarah said...

Mable - I am flabbergasted that you actually updated your blog! :) But very good entry about our new favorite book!! I also am in love with Edward ... I guess it's good I'm married, since I would also hold boys up to Edward's standards :) ... I'm so hooked on this series that it's awesome!

Carly said...

Hey! Found your blog! Is there any sane female NOT in love with Edward? Between him and Mr. Darcy, the women of the world are in for a lot of disappointment.

On a slightly different note...a magazine came to my house the other day with this title: "Spineless wonders."
Remind you of anything? I think it works just as well!

Karma said...

I'm hooked, too. I can't wait for the movie and book #4 to come out this summer.